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XDefiant authors promised not to add p2w elements to the game

Ubisoft is looking forward to the release of shooter XDefiant, which is scheduled for May 21. Ahead of the release, players had concerns that the game might feature P2W elements and paid content. However, the developers quickly dispelled these rumors, assuring the community that they were unfounded.

As with other modern first-person shooters, XDefiant will feature plenty of content that can be unlocked, including combat passes and cosmetic upgrades. The team emphasized that any content that affects gameplay will be obtainable through completing various challenges.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase premium battle passes, cosmetic items for characters and weapons, and unlock factions, backgrounds, and player map animations. All of this content will be purely cosmetic and will not affect gameplay, allowing all players, regardless of investment, to enjoy the same gameplay experience.

XDefiant authors promised not to add p2w elements to the game
20 may, monday


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