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The final XDefiant trailer has been released

Ubisoft has released the final trailer of XDefiant, a Call of Duty-style multiplayer shooter. This game features characters from the company's various franchises battling it out, with matches taking place on recognizable maps such as New York City.

In XDefiant, the Third Echelon operative from Splinter Cell can battle the Cleaner from The Division. The developers were inspired by the company's Far Cry, The Division and other projects when creating the maps. Ubisoft expects XDefiant to appeal to fans of various franchises. The game will be distributed for free and there are plans to add new characters, maps and other content on a regular basis.

XDefiant will be released on May 21 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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The final XDefiant trailer has been released
17 may, friday


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