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News and promotions for World of Tanks in the first half of October 2022.

In this issue: 1.18.1 update, account migration, Waffentrager: Legacy game event, weekend activities...…

30 september 2022 year

Waffentrager: Legacy - The Official World of Tanks Soundtrack

Brought in the title theme of Waffles 2022.…

22 september 2022 year

Onslaught! Competitive mode with new mechanics in World of Tanks

Soon there will be a new mode in the tanks "Onslaught". In it you will find a lot of interesting things.…

14 september 2022 year

In development of the TT China with mechanics: rocket boosters in World of Tanks

Demonstration of new mechanics: rocket boosters.…

14 september 2022 year

PT-SAU with a "cyclic" drum. How to play the Vipera

The Vipera is a new Italian level 8 PT-SAU that has a lot to say.…

31 august 2022 year

World of Tanks news and promotions in the first half of September 2022

Update 1.18, the return of general and battle chat, the ninth season of Battle Pass, the September...…

30 august 2022 year

Review of the new map Outpost from update 1.18 in World of Tanks

Outpost is the new map that won the Combat Exploration in 2021.…

30 august 2022 year

News and promotions for World of Tanks in the second half of August 2022.

This is Karina and the world of tanks news for the second half of August.…

15 august 2022 year

Changes on the map "Pass" in World of Tanks

Thousands of years later, we waited for the edits of this map.…

07 august 2022 year

General test 1.18: large rebalance, map "Zastava", Italian PT-SAU

Hurry up for the general test of the update 1.18 WoT, to be among the first to try out many new features.…

04 august 2022 year

I'm not done with you yet! Ich Komme Wieder! - Max von Krieger

Is this what we're waiting for? September 2022.…

19 july 2022 year

Arcade (Fun Random) - a new mode in World of Tanks

There is a new mode in the World of Tanks - Arcade! It's not as epic as the "ranked Waffentrager...…

14 july 2022 year

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