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Stellar Blade may get a PC port amid record sales

The action game Stellar Blade, which is currently only available on PlayStation 5, will probably be released on PC. This is according to documents filed by Shift Up Studios for an initial public offering.

Shift Up is considering a port of Stellar Blade to PC, but the documents don't specify a release date for the port or whether Sony has veto power over the decision. The studio is also mulling over creating a full-fledged sequel to Stellar Blade. Details about the sequel have not been disclosed yet.

The next major project of the studio will be a game codenamed Project Witches, which will be set in a new universe. The game is expected to be released in 2027 at the earliest. In parallel with the development of Project Witches, Shift Up plans to continue supporting Stellar Blade. The game will receive patches, DLC, new gameplay mechanics and various improvements.

Stellar Blade was released on PlayStation 5 in late April 2024. Although sales figures are not disclosed, it is clear that the project has been commercially successful.

Stellar Blade may get a PC port amid record sales
21 may, tuesday


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