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The map "Livonia" will return to DayZ and will be free of charge

Bohemia Interactive has announced that with the release of update 1.25 for DayZ, the map "Livonia" from the DLC of the same name will become available to all players for free. This add-on will now be included in the main game, and the separate sale of the location will be discontinued.

Due to these changes, the price of the main DayZ game will increase slightly, however, according to Bohemia Interactive, the new price will remain more affordable compared to buying the game bundled with the Livonia add-on earlier.

The decision to integrate Livonia into the main game was made as part of a strategy to simplify the product line before future developments. No exact release date for the stable version of the 1.25 update has been announced yet, although it is already available on the experimental branch.

DayZ launched in Early Access on Steam in December 2013 and is now available in a full release version on PC and consoles. Bohemia Interactive continues to actively support the game, regularly releasing both minor and major updates.

The map "Livonia" will return to DayZ and will be free of charge
25 april


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