Heavy tanks of Czechoslovakia: read more.

The branch of TT China in World of Tanks. Composition, new mechanics and details. Wheels 2.0

The next branch in 2023 in WOT will be Chinese TTs. This is the first sub-brand of vehicles next year.

Testing on the China jetpacks supertest will begin as early as this week.

New mechanics: "jet boosters".

When activated, they increase engine power by 2 times and give a boost to maximum forward speed.
At the very beginning of the battle it takes 5 seconds to charge the boosters and get them ready for use, which is indicated by the corresponding indicator bar. After that, the gas pedal can be used for its intended purpose. When activated, the vehicle gets a short-term boost to its engine power and its allowed maximum speed, as well as an initial impulse, all of which speeds up the movement of the heavy combat vehicle.

During the use of rocket boosters, the vehicle is practically unable to turn, much less drive in reverse. It is impossible to cancel the activation effect until one charge is used up. It is necessary to wait for 5 seconds after the use of one rocket charge to recharge the boosters.

The duration of the acceleration effect is 10 seconds. The amount of rocket fuel allows using the mechanics up to 4 times per battle. After the last use the indicator "goes out", which will signal about empty tanks and impossibility of further use of the gas pedals until the end of the current battle.

Proper use of this mechanics will allow you to overcome dangerous terrain in critical moments of battle, more effectively ram light targets or take the key positions faster - the range of application can be expanded according to your taste and style of play.

Demonstration of the new mechanics here: link.

* This mechanic will be present on every tank of the new Chinese branch, however the configuration (number of uses, duration of operation) will be finalized.


6 level: Type 58 (China, ST-6, upgradable) - transition to the new branch will start with this tank.
Accumulate on the Type 58 now can be about 53 000 experience.


  • 7 Lv: BZ-58 (China, CT-7, upgradable).
  • 8 Floor: BZ-166 (China, TT-8, pumpable).
  • 9th rank: BZ-68 (China, TT-9, upgradable).
  • 10 Lv: BZ-75 (China, TT-10, upgradable).
  • 8 Floor: BZ-176 (China, TT-8, upgradable).
    160mm, fully blasted tank with alpha 1100/800 units (75/225mm penetration), -11 declination angles, excellent armor: 250mm turret and thick sides. Speed: 30 km/h forward and 15 km/h backward. Role: heavy assault tank.

A total of 6 new tanks: 5 upgradable and 1 premium vehicle.


January 2023.

The branch of TT China in World of Tanks. Composition, new mechanics and details. Wheels 2.0
14 september 2022 year
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sipgek (sipgek) sipgek (sipgek)
14 september 2022 year
ждем новые подсадки от маракаси???
The_Crusade (The_Crusade) The_Crusade (The_Crusade)
14 september 2022 year
Это они вовремя, я как раз купил себе хороший телевизор и игровую приставку.
Два повода не заходить в игру.
Агро школер (Shkoler) Агро школер (Shkoler)
15 september 2022 year
А ты шаришь! За форсаж, ожидаю новый танк в ветке США Dodge charger (1970)
О да, форсаж китайский дрифт. Доменик Торетто одобряет
Интересно стрельнёт ли эти китайцы как итальянцы.!?
Константин (KXTXVSKIY) Константин (KXTXVSKIY)
15 september 2022 year
Опечатка вышла, Танков не 6, а 5. Прокачиваемых 4 и один прем
mad112 (mad112) mad112 (mad112)
15 september 2022 year
Прем заберу точно, линейка неинтересна.
Рякетные cyкoрители нужны, чтобы в начале боя сразу же побыстрей утопиться или разбиться.

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