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PrizeBox gifts to all World of Tanks players in September 2022

Traditional monthly update of the PrizeBox site (PrizeBox, WoT bonuses), check it out, we personally picked up everything. The 5th is our personal update day, it may be different for you, depending on when exactly you last picked up these mini-bonuses on the site.

If you haven't picked them up in the last 30 days, or you may have them updated a couple of days later/earlier.


How often is this site updated and when can I pick up my gifts?

- PrizeBox WoT is updated once a month (12 times a year), i.e. every month (every 30 days actually) you can pick up all these gifts. Picked up on September 11, you can repeat the procedure on October 11. Picked up on September 6, come again on October 6. This is how it works.

Gifts are standard.

For playing (active) accounts:

  • 3 BRs for x5 combat experience for any vehicle.
  • Coupon: Bonuses when buying from 7$ (1 day of prelims, 2 different Personal Reserves [combat experience/crew experience] for 1 hour).

For long time unplayed accounts:

  • 7 days of prem.
  • 3 BZ for: 100k silver,10k experience and 1 slot in the hangar.
PrizeBox gifts to all World of Tanks players in September 2022PrizeBox gifts to all World of Tanks players in September 2022
09 september 2022 year


VisitorV (V)
09 september 2022 year
Модератор вот экспресса, рекламщиков забанил, молодец. За оскорбления прости это просто для мотивации было. Бесят они меня. Постарайся пожалуйста их постоянно банить.
Serebros (Serebros) Serebros (Serebros)
09 september 2022 year
Забавно окажется, если "рекламщики" просто ещё не успели набежать)
Serebros (Serebros) Serebros (Serebros)
09 september 2022 year
Да, кстати, тут у меня казиныч с тёлочками, у которых не нужно выпрашивать и охуевшими коэффициентами! Залетай скорее по промокоду #арта-ствол-у-рта!
Благодарю,напомнили,как раз нужны были Х5 для прокачки ,половой модернизации!

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