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Kyivstar breaks off cooperation with Wargaming

A more "Gaming" tariff for WOT will not be able to be connected in Ukraine in any way. Current subscribers with this tariff will be automatically transferred to another one.

"Due to the involvement of Belarus [...] with Ukraine, the "All Together Gaming" tariff will be withdrawn from the Kyivstar line. It included a premium tank account from Wargaming G.L. From 09.03 you will be connected to the "All Together Maximum" tariff, and the bonuses of the premium account in the game will be disabled. The monthly fee is unchanged - 350 UAH/month. To find out the details of the tariff or to choose others by phone 460. [...] "*

* We have changed the direct quote of the company.

Kyivstar breaks off cooperation with WargamingKyivstar breaks off cooperation with Wargaming
09 march 2022 year

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